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FUKA comprises the Frigg UK Pipeline and the Frigg UK Terminal processing facilities at the St Fergus Gas Terminal and is 100% owned by TOTAL E&P UK Limited. The capacity of FUKA is nominally 36 MMscm/d.

The St Fergus Gas Terminal was originally constructed in two phases to process gas from the Frigg Field – Phase 1 in 1977; Phase 2 in 1978. Phase 3 was constructed when the Alwyn Field with its richer gas was discovered in the 1980s with Phase 1 being decommissioned. Phase 3 was subsequently expanded by the addition of a third gas train upon the entry of the Bruce Field to FUKA.

It is this 3-train process plant that is now known as the Frigg UK Terminal. It processes gas from the Alwyn Area (Alwyn North, Forvie, Grant, Jura, Nuggets, Islay, Dunbar and Ellon), Bruce, Rhum, Keith, Buzzard, the Flotta Catchment Area, Ross and Captain. The SIRGE pipeline will permit the tie-in of West of Shetland gas into FUKA. The SIRGE pipeline runs from the Shetland Gas Plant (SGP) at Sullom Voe on Shetland to a sub-sea tie-in on the FUKA Pipeline at the MCP01 bypass valves.

Phase 2 and the pipeline connected to it from Vesterled, which is part of the Norwegian Gassled system. TOTAL E&P UK Limited is the technical service provider to the Vesterled Operator, Gassco.

Although the Frigg UK Terminal essentially operates as an autonomous unit, it does share some common facilities with the Vesterled processing facilities at St Fergus.

There is a significant area adjacent to the process trains to allow for the construction of additional facilities.

Under the current expectations of long-term oil and gas prices and indications given by shippers the terminal is expected to be operational until at least 2029. This date may move out as FUKA continues to receive enquiries from potential third parties.

On the pages that follow, you will find information relating to the services provided by TOTAL E&P UK Limited in FUKA.  This includes technical information and outlines terms and conditions for the provision of services.

Provisions for Third Party Access

FUKA facilities form part of a major infrastructure development consisting of several discrete “hubs” in addition to several subsea tie-in points. When the SIRGE pipeline becomes operational, the FUKA system will provide a network which will transport gas from as far away as the West of Shetlands, the UK Sector of the Northern North Sea and, following the tie-in of the Martin Linge field in 2016, the Norwegian Sector of the Northern North Sea. Additional “spare” tie-in points are being installed at both the location of the SIRGE and Martin Linge tie-in points so as to accommodate possible future third party tie-ins.

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Updated October 2015